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Rigid foam insulation is made from hard foam plastics. While it is usually made for insulating foundations or wall cavities, it can occasionally be found in some attics that do not have much space. Although it is not as common, it does have a number of advantages that may make it beneficial for some attics. If an attic needs to be insulated, expert Union County roofers can help determine if rigid foam insulation would work.

When it comes to other types of insulation, rigid foam has very high R values. They usually have a rating between R 4 and R 6.5 per inch. When they have a foil backing or vapor barrier, that R value can be even higher. Some types of rigid foam insulation are resistant to water, making them appropriate for homes that have metal roofs installed.

Because rigid foam comes in sheets and it can easily be laid flat, it is very easy for expert roofers to ensure that the entire space has the same amount of insulation throughout. With loose fill and even traditional batting, the insulation can settle over time, meaning some parts of the space may be less protected than others.

Finally, since the material is so easy to install, especially in vulnerable areas, the installation process can be completed quickly and without much cost.

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Additionally, homeowners will start experiencing the benefits and energy savings almost immediately.

However, there are a few disadvantages that must be considered before this type of insulation is installed. First and foremost, there is a reason that rigid foam insulation is most often installed in square spaces. Rigid foam can be difficult to install in small spaces or around wiring and ceiling penetrations.

A second major disadvantage is that the insulation needs special adhesives to keep it in place and protection against UV sunlight. If the foam somehow comes into contact with sunlight, the material can degrade and become ineffective. When it is installed in the attic space, the insulation is usually placed in between the rafters and directly under the sheathing, meaning that any damage to the roof is likely to result in damages to the insulation.

The attic insulation is an extremely important part of the roof and attic space. Not only does it prevent heat from escaping into the attic from the living space, but it also can prevent moisture. Ensuring that the right insulation is being used in the home can help extend the lifespan of the roof.

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