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Although aluminum siding isn't as popular as it once was, it's still a common form of siding material. Aluminum siding consists of aluminum coil stock that has a chemical coating for protection, and Union County roofers commonly install aluminum siding as a main type of siding material.

Among the pros of aluminum siding are its weight, durability and lifespan. In fact, it can last over 40 years and is extremely lightweight. In the instance of a fire, aluminum siding won't burn or melt, and it is also waterproof when properly installed, making it an ideal choice for homeowners in coastal areas.

Homeowners in extremely cold climates may also wish to consider aluminum siding. It handles cold much better than vinyl, which tends to become brittle and crack in cold temperatures.

Aluminum siding can be made to look like other materials with the application of an enamel coating. This is ideal for homeowners who desire a more traditional wood grain appearance. It also won't rot or serve as a food source for termites, and the material is recyclable.

Heating and cooling costs are lower for homeowners who choose aluminum siding rather than vinyl due to the fact that it has excellent insulating properties.

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The labor costs of installation are also lower since it is very easy to install.

Despite all its benefits, aluminum siding is not without drawbacks. The material is susceptible to dents, and repair is often difficult. Dents, however, can be prevented with the installation of backing insulation on every panel. Aluminum siding also requires repainting more frequently than other material, and this can be a labor intensive process.

Any scratches are highly noticeable with aluminum siding because they reveal unsightly metal beneath the paint. Aluminum is also not immune to corrosion. Some homeowners wish to avoid aluminum altogether because of the potential for noise in the event strong winds and rain. Hot weather can also cause it to make pinging noises as a result of metal expanding with heat.

With more homeowners choosing other materials, aluminum siding has gone out of style. Some homeowners have found that they just don't like how it looks close up. It has more of an industrial look, and over time, its coloration fades and becomes chalky and dull.

However, a clear market remains for the use of aluminum siding. Homeowners who have fallen victim to insect invasions may find aluminum to be a good material choice. Those sensitive to mold and mildew also experience fewer issues with aluminum than with other materials.

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