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Union County Roofers: Article About Asphalt Roofs Versus Metal Roofs

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When it is time for a new roof, homeowners have several options. They can stick with a traditional asphalt shingle roof or they can choose to install a metal roof. While asphalt roofs are certainly more popular than metal roofs, both roofing systems have certain advantages. Professional Union County roofers can help determine what type of roof may be right depending on the home.

Asphalt shingle roofs have a number of advantages that make them very popular options. These roofs are one of the cheapest options available on the market, making them an obvious choice for those who are on a budget. Even though their expected lifespan is not as long as some other types of roofs, asphalt shingle roofs are extremely durable for the cost. They do not expand or contract based on the outside temperatures, and they are completely waterproof when they are properly maintained.

Another major advantage is that these shingles are very easy to install. While an expert should always be in charge of installing the roof for the best outcome, an entire roof can be completed in one day.

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Additionally, because this is the most popular type of roof available, most expert roofers have tons of shingle installation experience, meaning it's likely to be done right the first time.

The major advantage of metal roofs are their extreme longevity. In fact, Thomas Jefferson's home in Virginia, which was built in 1772, still has its original tin roof to this day. When metal roofs are properly maintained, they can potentially last at least a century. While they are susceptible to expansion and contraction under extreme temperatures, they hold up better against leaks. They also have a higher fire rating than asphalt shingles.

Another major advantage is that metal roofs are considered to be cool roofs. This means that they reflect sunlight, which helps to keep the attic cool and reduces cooling costs during the summer. Additionally, it is very easy to recycle metal roofs when they reach the end of their lifespan.

For those who are looking for the best value, metal roofs are actually the best bet. Even though they are more expensive to purchase or install, their low maintenance costs and their longevity make it worth the initial investment. Even so, metal roofs are not for everyone. Homeowners who intend to sell their home in the future may not want to make that long term investment. Ultimately, an expert roofer can help make the best decision for each particular situation.

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