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Every homeowner who lives in a cold climate is well aware of how the weather can wreak havoc on their property. The roof is one of the main parts of a home that can take a beating because it is the first line of defense against the elements. Those who live in a colder climate can seek the guidance of Union County roofers to help them choose a roofing material that is built to last.

One of the best roofing materials that can withstand subzero temperatures is metal, which is extremely durable and allows rain or snow to easily slide off of the structure. This prevents sagging and can help extend the lifespan of all roof structures. Metal can also work to keep the home warm during the cold season, as long there's proper insulation installed in the attic.

Cedar wood shingles and shakes are other viable options that are highly resistant to bad weather. They can remain durable and will continue to protect the inside of the home with strong winds blowing against it exterior.

Asphalt shingles are extremely common and work well to ward off the cold temperatures outdoors. Asphalt is the most affordable material to have installed in a cold climate, but the shingles will likely only last 15 to 20 years, depending on maintenance and other factors.

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Slate is another consideration because it's extremely dense and durable. The natural product is known to last hundreds of years and will not easily become damaged from hail or high winds. It is even known to withstand hurricanes and is not prone to blow offs due to its heavy weight.

After having a durable roof installed on the home, it's important for residents to care for the structure by promoting proper airflow in the attic. Heat cables can also be installed to ensure that snow melts off of the home properly and doesn't put excess pressure on the structure.

When building a new roof that can withstand a cold climate, it's also important to have multiple slopes incorporated into the design because they will help it resist wind damage. Additionally, the length of overhangs on the roof should be limited to 20 inches in order to withstand wind uplift forces that can easily rip the materials off of the building. The materials and work on the roof often come with 20 to 40 year warranties, which can provide homeowners with peace of mind and help them maintain the structure over time.

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