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While they are not the most glamorous part of a home, gutters are the workhorse that helps to keep rooftops, and the houses below them, protected from the potentially damaging effects of rainfall. Unprotected, rainwater can get inside, around and under a house, which can lead to mold growth, peeling paint, soil erosion and foundation damage. Gutters allowing water to pass through may be damaged and in need of replacement. Because not all gutters are the same, homeowners may choose to rely on the expertise of Union County roofers to select the right gutter system for their house.

Gutters are typically made of aluminum, but homeowners can also find them made of copper, zinc, vinyl, steel and galvanized steel. Of these choices, aluminum is budget friendly and resists corrosion. Vinyl gutters are also inexpensive, but can be damaged by sunlight, resulting in a shorter lifespan. Steel gutters, which are coated with zinc and aluminum, are strong, durable and long lasting. Galvanized steel gutters, which are coated with zinc, are strong but tend to rust. Gutters made of zinc are strong, durable and require little maintenance. Copper gutters, while durable and considered attractive, are more expensive than other types.

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Gutter sizes range from four to eight inches and are created as sectional or continuous styles. Sectional gutters have varying lengths and are attached to each other with connectors, rivets, caulk or soldering. Seamless gutters, also called continuous gutters, are cut to match the roof length of the house where they are being installed. Seamless gutters use connectors where they are attached to each other at rooftop corners or where they are attached to elbow fittings that connect to downspouts.

Profiles, or shapes, of gutters include K style, or ogee, which resembles crown molding. Other gutter profiles include half round, or U, quarter round, box and fascia style, which has a flatter shape. For homeowners' convenience, gutter systems also come in a variety of colors and can include extra accessories to make maintenance easier. For example, a gutter guard or shield is used to keep leaves and other debris out of gutters, which means less time homeowners spend cleaning them. This gutter guard is simply a screen that the homeowner can place inside the system.

Union County homeowners may be unsure which gutter system to choose and may not want to deal with the challenge of trying to install them. Professional roofers can help. Because these professionals know all about various gutter styles, performance and quality, they can recommend and install the right gutter system.

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