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For some homes, flat roofs provide the right amount of protection and improve the homes' aesthetics. However, most know that flat roofs often require a large amount of maintenance to prevent debris accumulation and ponding, which could eventually cause the roofing membrane to decay. Usually, it is recommended that homeowners schedule local Union County roofers to do a regular cleaning; however, homeowners should also know how to maintain their roof in the event a major storm comes through.

Many flat roof owners may find that most of the maintenance time goes towards keeping the roof clear of organic debris. It is recommended that the roof be cleaned at least once in the spring and once in the fall, and flat roofs are particularly susceptible to clogs in their drainage system. Thus, after major rainfalls or wind storms, it may be advantageous to sweep the top of the roof clean. For those who want to reduce the amount of time they spend sweeping the top of the roof, overhanging branches can be trimmed back.

While the homeowners are up on the roof sweeping, they should be on the lookout for cracks or punctures that may have formed in the membrane. If the cracks or punctures are small enough, they can be patched using rubber kits that can be picked up from the hardware store.

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These small damages can be caused by someone walking around on the roof, so care needs to be taken. If the punctures or cracks are quite large, a roofing contractor will need to professionally patch the spot to prevent leaks.

Occasionally, homeowners may be surprised to find moss growing on the roof. This can be an indication of ponding, so a roofer should investigate the next time he or she comes for an inspection. In the meantime, the moss can cause some problems as it collects moisture and holds it against the rubber, eventually leading to decay of the membrane. The moss can be removed using a solution made from water and chlorine bleach or chemical washes that are specifically made for the purpose of removing moss.

When flat roofs are properly maintained, they can last for several decades depending on the type of roofing material. Not only can homeowners prevent leaks, but they can also help ensure that their investment is protected. While homeowners should regularly clean the roof, expert roofers should be scheduled to complete a thorough inspection of all of the roof components at least once a year.

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