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Condensation on the underside of metal roofs was not much of a problem for most homeowners until these types of roofs became more popular for residential buildings. However, if the condensation drips onto the roof deck and the deck does not dry, it is likely that water damage is going to occur. Because keeping excess moisture out of the attic is so important, local Union County roofers should be contacted so that the problem can be fixed quickly and easily.

Condensation on the underside of metal roofs often forms when night radiation causes the roof to become slightly colder than the surrounding air temperatures. When the temperatures begin to rise the next day, frost that formed under the metal roof will melt as the sun warms the roof. The condensation then drips down onto the roof deck. From there, the water may potentially find a way to the joists or saturate the insulation. Condensation can also cause the metal to corrode, prevent the insulation from working correctly or result in mold growth.

There are several ways that expert roofers can reduce the amount of condensation that forms. The first is to ensure that the metal roof is properly insulated. Some types of insulation have vapor barriers that can reduce the amount of water molecules that can pass through.

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The insulation will also prevent warmer attic air from causing any frost that does form from melting all at once.

The roofer can also ensure that the insulation was installed the correct way. Unlike asphalt roofs, metal roofs need continuous insulation to properly protect against condensation damages.

Another way roofers can prevent condensation is to ensure that the attic has an adequate ventilation system. The ventilation system is the homeowner's first line of defense against high moisture levels in the attic. Fresh, dry air is brought into the attic through the soffit vents. Hot, humid air escapes through the ridge vents. By keeping the air circulating, moisture cannot accumulate and cause damage. In some cases, homeowners have the right vents, but the air may not be circulating. In these cases, insulation could be blocking the air flow as it attempts to circulate throughout the attic space.

By ensuring that the metal roofs were properly installed and that no condensation forms, homeowners can expect their roofs to last anywhere from 50 to 100 years or more. However, checking for condensation is just part of routine inspections that should be completed by homeowners and by expert roofers.

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