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When homeowners decide to build a porch, they have the option of installing a roof over the porch. There are some reasons why homeowners may wish to do this. Most importantly, a roof allows the space to be usable even when it is raining or if the sun is shining too brightly. However, there are large number of options when it comes putting a roof on the porch. To ensure that the right materials are purchased and the roof is properly installed, expert Union County roofers should be contacted prior to the finalization of any project plans.

One of the first decisions to be made is what the design of the roof over the porch will be. Some homeowners may want an open design roof that allows the rafters to be visible. Others prefer a classic drop ceiling or a vaulted ceiling that extends right up to the roof. This decision is important as it can influence how long it takes to install the roof and the amount of materials that are needed.

The next decision that must be made is what roofing materials are desired.

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If the roof is going to have a steep slope, homeowners may be looking at installing asphalt shingles, cedar shakes or even metal roofing panels. If the roof is going to have a low slope, metal panels, asphalt shingles or membrane roofing will work best.

Another consideration that must be made is whether or not the porch roof is going to connect to the main roof. It is usually easier for roofers to install freestanding decks, as different roofing materials can be used than what was used on the main roof. However, freestanding porch roofs often do not have ceilings. Because they are completely open to the elements, freestanding roofs will need more maintenance than porch roofs that are connected to the main roof.

In addition to choosing the design and the type of roof that will be installed, there are some other important considerations. Homeowners should be aware that enclosed roofs must have their own ventilation systems to prevent moisture and heat problems. When these things are considered, the porch roof can last for decades without needing major repairs.

Installing a porch roof can help create a relaxing outdoor space that improves the home's curb appeal and increases the home's value. However, because it is such a major investment, homeowners should consider involving a professional roofer when planning to install a new porch roof.

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