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It's not surprising that there's no base cost when figuring the total price of a roof replacement. This is mainly due to the many factors that make up the price of a new roof. First, a homeowner has the ability to choose between many roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, wood shakes, concrete, clay, metal or slate. Second, houses have different shapes, which lead to unique roof sizes. Combine these two factors with different weather conditions, home ages and roof styles, and a person can see why it's best to have professional and experienced Union County roofers write up an estimate that calculates the final price for replacing a roof.

A professional roofer will determine the size of a roof and combine that figure with pitch and slope to come up with a cost for the area that is to be replaced. This price will escalate if a roof is steep and accessibility issues are present. If access is difficult, more material will be required as well as extra time.

The cost of roofing material is a factor that can drastically change the final price of a roofing project. A homeowner will likely choose a roofing material based on both their budget and how long they expect their roof to last. In addition, roofing material will be chosen for its curb appeal and how well it matches the rest of the house.

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Prices for roofing material range between $200 and $500 per square for asphalt shingles, wood and metal roofing. The cost is even higher for clay or slate tiles and can escalate to a level of $2000 per square.

The age of a home is a factor that may uncover hidden problems that need fixing. If water has leaked underneath old roofing material, there could be damaged roofing underlayment or rotten sheathing. Unfortunately, the damage done to any layer of a roof will require replacement of that layer. Costs will also be higher when old roofing material needs to be removed. A roofer will charge for dumping fees as well as the time that it takes for workers to take off old shingles.

Areas of the country that have strong winds or rainy seasons may require a roof to have more than one layer of protection. If extra underlayment has to be added to a roof, it will require a roofer to charge more for added material. The location of a roofing project will also play a role in determining a final price for replacing a roof. If a job is located in a rural area, there may be extra travel time, and a roofer will likely charge extra for that.

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