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Cleaning rain gutters is a task that is often neglected by many homeowners. In order to prevent damage, cleaning off debris from the eavestroughs is an important task that should be performed at least twice a year. If gutters are clogged or have debris, overflowing rainwater can cause damage to the house foundation or home landscape. In addition, large accumulations of debris can insert more weight on the gutters causing them to sag. Sagging gutters can lead to other secondary problems as well, such as fascia board rot and trim rot. Homeowners should, therefore, clean clogged gutters themselves or hire professional Union County roofers to take care of repairs.

During the winter season, large debris causes ice to accumulate inside the gutter, forming a roof ridge. This condition is known as ice damming and can prevent the melting snow from flowing off the roof. Normally, the ridge forms between the roof system back up and the layers of the roof. If there is heat coming from the house, the ice will melt and start to leak and drain into the house structure. It is recommended, therefore, that homeowners remove ice dams from the gutters during the winter season. To curb ice damming, homeowners are further advised to cut tree branches that are hanging towards the house.

The reason homeowners should consider professional gutter cleaning and repair is the tools need to perform the task.

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Professional roofing contractors have several innovative tools to help with gutter cleaning and repair. Some of the standard gutter cleaning tools that every roofer must have include, a roofing ladder, gloves, hose, garden trowel and a disposal bag.

Homeowners who want to perform the task themselves are advised to ensure the gutter is fixed properly on the roof to prevent possible injuries from falling. Ladder standoffs or stabilizers are recommended to prevent dents to the siding or gutters. Homeowners are also advised to wear gloves when performing gutter cleaning or repair work.

Gutter cleaning should commence at the roof's downspout. Homeowners can make use of a hose and trowel to clear debris off of the downspout. If the house is installed with plugged downspout, homeowners may have to unplug them to perform the cleaning task. The debris is then scooped and disposed of. Gutters can then be cleaned with water and rinsed thoroughly. The best time to check for gutter leaks is when the gutters are being rinsed.

Gutters should be cleaned at least once a year. The task of cleaning gutters and repairing possible damages or leaks can be dangerous if the homeowner has to access the roof, however. Therefore, a professional roofer may be required to get the job done.

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