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Pine trees are a lovely addition to any residential property. These evergreens provide year round shade from the sun and protection from the wind. They also provide a relaxing and appealing view from the home's interior. However, an evergreen tree planted too close to the home can lead to some problems with the roofing system. Experienced Union County roofers can identify these issues and help homeowners take action and prevent the occurrence of damage.

On a seasonal basis, evergreen trees will lose some of their needles. This is most common in the fall, but it can happen at other times of the year if the tree becomes stressed due to extreme heat, dryness or exposure to disease. The loss of a large amount of pine needles can wreak havoc on the gutters if the pine tree towers over the house.

When the needles fall off a pine tree located close to a house, they have nowhere else to go but the top of the roof. If the roof has a low pitch, the needles may sit on top of the shingles and begin to decompose. When it does rain, they may move slowly toward the gutters. If there are a lot of needles on the rooftop, the amount of debris may be enough to fill the gutters or cause a blockage at the intersection with the downspout.

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A tangled web of needles can completely block the flow of water into the downspouts and away from the home's foundation.

Another consideration about pine needles is that they can fit through small openings. This means that most gutter guard systems, even those that are custom made for the home, will still allow the pine needles to infiltrate through the crevice and fill up the gutters. Leftover moisture will help the pine needles decompose within the gutter system, resulting in a thick sludge that weighs down the gutters and blocks the flow of water.

One way that homeowners can get around the pine needle problem with their gutter covers is to have a fine mesh cover installed at a pitch that matches that of the roof. The pitched cover allows the needles to float over the top and down to the ground when it rains. The raindrops will still collect in the gutters. Homeowners can also install copper strips to reduce decomposition on the rooftop. Regular roof and gutter cleaning are also essential to keep the gutters working properly.

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