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It is likely that, at some point, homeowners will have to replace their roofing system, especially if they have an asphalt shingle roof. Though widely popular, asphalt roofs are usually only rated to last between 12 to 20 years. However, they may not last as long if the roof is not properly installed. If homeowners begin to see ice buildup or major leaks within just several years after the roof has been installed, it may be time to call in professional Union County roofers to see if the roof was properly installed following a tear off.

One typical problem often seen in roofing installations is incorrect shingle nailing. Even though the problem is common, this situation can be an extremely difficult to identify. All shingles have a small strip specifically designed for roofing nails. If the nails are driven through the strip, they will also hit the shingle underneath. If the nail is pushed through too high, the nail will miss the underlying shingles, potentially allowing moisture penetration. If the nail is installed too low, the nail head may be left exposed, ultimately resulting in gaps. Other nail problems may include crooked nails, which reduce the anchorage, and nails that are over driven, which cause damage to the shingle.

There are cases where underlayments may be used incorrectly or may not be installed at all.

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Underlayments help to prevent water or ice damage along the eaves and in the roof valleys. While not using these underlayments at all can cause water damage and roofing felt is permeable, covering the entire roof in water or ice barriers can also cause problems within the attic space, preventing moisture from escaping.

Finally, some homeowners request that the original flashing and drip edges from the original roof be reused. The flashing provides protection for the roof in certain weak spots, such as around roof penetrations and in the valleys. Old flashing often already has nail holes, which may not be used during the reinstallation process. This means that there are small holes for moisture to enter. In some cases, the flashing and drip edges are not used. This can create problems, as moisture can easily seep beneath the shingles in the absence of flashing, resulting in damage and mold growth.

Many of the problems are caused by homeowners who wish to install their own roofs or by contractors who are inexperienced. To avoid poor workmanship on the roof, a professional established contractor that has references should be contacted when homeowners wish to replace their roofs.

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