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Roofing projects can be expensive. Replacing a roof is often a major financial hurdle. Even minor repairs can translate to serious expenditures over time. While a roof is an integral part of the house's structure, homeowners can often be constricted by budget limitations when making decisions. Choosing a roof material requires thorough scrutiny of the needs of the house and homeowner. One should always consider safety against weather conditions, as well as maintenance issues and the lifespan of roofing materials. Another component to consider is the overall appearance of the roof. The final decisions should be customized to fit the specific house by Union County roofers. There are different and often inexpensive materials that will work best for the homeowner.

One of the most common and inexpensive roofing materials is asphalt. Asphalt shingles can last anywhere from 20 to 40 years, depending on climatic factors and upkeep. Not only are asphalt shingles durable, they improve the visual appeal of a house and can withstand extreme weather conditions. The more common type of asphalt shingles are three tab shingles. However, architectural shingles are a cost effective alternative that provides greater protection for a little more money. However, at the same time, asphalt roofs require regular inspections and maintenance, as this type of roof may be prone to leaks or shingle breakage.

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Rubber roofing is a practicable option as well, and it is more economical than many other materials. Sheets of EPDM rubber slate can easily be installed on the roof. They are watertight and resistant against extreme weather conditions. Rubber roofing is also lightweight and has a long lifespan. It can also prevent leakages, and it requires relatively little maintenance work.

Based on certain climatic factors, clay tiles may be feasible as well. Clay tiles are stylish and can last for three to five decades. Clay tiles tend to weigh more than some of the other alternatives and, thus, may be a structural burden for certain homes, which is why consulting with a roofing contractor is essential. Clay tiles offer sound protection and insulation from external weather conditions. Finally, homeowners now have the option to install significantly inexpensive plastic roofing. It offers durability that extends over at least 50 years, and protection against rain, snow, sunlight and leakages. However, plastic may not be a great insulation material and may require reinforcements. These are options that homeowners can start with and make their decision with further research and consultation with professional contractors.

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