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Asphalt shingles represent the most widely used roofing material on the market. There are several reasons for its enduring popularity: they are affordable, simple to install and are generally low maintenance. However, even the best asphalt roof will last no more than twenty years, and most last significantly less time than that. If homeowners feel that they're in need of a new roof, Union County roofers have the expertise to help.

Fortunately, an experienced roofer should be able to make short work of a new installation. Even a small crew can remove an old asphalt roof in a couple of days, and laying a new one takes around the same amount of time. The contractor hired to install the roof will likely purchase the necessary shingles and include their cost in the bill. If not, three packages of asphalt shingles will cover one square of the roof.

Once the old roof has been removed, the contractor will lay down a new underlayment and install new flashing before beginning to lay the shingles. Some roofers prefer to use specially made starter shingles to begin the project. Others prefer to cut the shingles to fit rather than deal with the hassle of two kinds of shingles.

The starter shingles will be nailed into place six inches from the edge of the shingle.

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Starting at one edge of the roof, the contractor will begin laying a course of starter shingles, following that up with a second course of shingles that headlap the first. These are usually nailed one inch below the nail on the previous shingle. Most contractors will work in a diagonal line away from the edge of the roof, as this is the quickest and most effective means to lay shingles. When the contractor reaches the end of the row, he or she will cut the last shingle to size so there is no overhang. The result should be a neat array of installed shingles.

When the roofer reaches the ridge, they will bend the final course of shingles on both sides over the ridge and nail them down. Once this is complete, they will install the ridge shingles over the final course, working carefully to cover the nails from underlying shingles. As a final protection, most contractors will apply a thick bead of asphalt cement around the ridge shingles. This not only improves the cosmetic appearance of the roof, but also serves as another layer of defense against water leakage.

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