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While an asphalt shingle roof will provide adequate protection for a home, there are cases where homeowners want a different look. Some like the look of slate on the roof; however, slate is considered a premium material and can be extremely expensive to purchase and install. One way to obtain the look of slate roofing without actually installing the material is to install synthetic slate roofing. To determine if this type of roof is right for a particular home, homeowners should discuss their needs and desires with professional Union County roofers.

When it comes to a synthetic slate roof, there are several advantages. The first is the cost. Although synthetic slate tiles can cost more than regular three tab asphalt shingles, they cost far less than real slate tiles. This allows homeowners to save a substantial amount of money when installing a new roof. Second, installing synthetic slate is much easier than installing real slate, which can easily be damaged during installation. Another advantage is that synthetic slate tiles are much lighter than real slate. Not only does this make it easier to install the material, the synthetic tiles are much less likely to weigh the roof down and damage the sheathing during major snowstorms or heavy rains. Real slate, on the other hand, can be extremely heavy to the point where a new roof structure may be needed.

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Finally, it's very difficult to tell real slate and synthetic slate apart.

As with all other types of roofing materials, there are some downsides. The biggest one that most homeowners worry about is that this type of roofing does not add any value to the home. If real slate is installed, the investment can pay off when the homeowner sells the home. This is tied into synthetic slate's durability. Synthetic slate roofs, when properly maintained, can potentially last up to 100 years, though most synthetic slate shingles are rated to last about 50 years. When compared to regular asphalt shingles, the lifespan of synthetic shingles is much longer. However, when compared to real slate tiles, they can fall a bit short.

Those who are interested in installing a real slate roof but do not have the budget or those who are looking for a different look to their home may wish to consider installing a synthetic slate roof. An expert roofer can potentially walk homeowners through the advantages and disadvantages of installing this type of roof and determine if this type of roof is right for a particular home.

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