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Porches are often roofed along with the rest of a home, but these areas tend to be more prone to leaking than other areas of a roof. There are a number of reasons for this, including the manner in which a porch usually connects to the roof structure. When professional Union County roofers inspect a roof, porches are usually a point of emphasis due to how common a problem they are.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of a roof leak above the porch is that the source of the leak often isn't obvious. Many times, even if a homeowner thinks they have found the source of the leak, it may actually be caused by another issue. Water moving through a roof system can move in unusual ways, and this is why quick patches often correct the problem only temporarily. Although roofing tar may turn out to be the right solution, it is often a bad idea for homeowners to hire a handyman or get up on the roof themselves and slap some tar on the area that seems to be the cause of the leak.

When homeowners see water staining or other signs of leakage in a porch roof, they should act immediately. Porch undersides often have removable slats, and removing several slats in the affected area can provide a clearer picture of how much damage has actually taken place and how long the leak has been occurring.

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Even if the damage and leak is relatively minor, calling in a professional right away is the best approach. After all, what seems like a minor leak today can become a major problem tomorrow.

The good news is that most leaks on porch roofs occur as a result of flashing failure rather than damage to the roof cover itself. The flashing may have been improperly installed or is simply corroded. This type of repair is usually relatively simple for a professional. In addition to flashing problems, dormer failure is another common cause of roof porch leaks. If the dormer is the issue, it may need to be replaced with new wood, flashing, caulking and paint.

Once the repair has been made, homeowners should continue monitoring the porch in the weeks ahead. If the roof is in relatively good condition overall, multisource leaks are not likely, but it's best to be cautious. If the roof is getting old or is in a state of disrepair, then upgrading to a new roof will be a better option than simply patching leaks.

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