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Damp areas in the attic that do not have a chance to dry out can begin to grow mold. While occupants may never actually come into contact with the fungus itself, the mold can cause huge problems when it comes to the overall health of the occupants and the structural integrity of the roof or attic components. Mold may potentially be found in the sheathing, insulation and even the rafters. If mold is found, professional Union County roofers should be contacted so that repairs can be completed in a timely manner.

The first step is actually consulting a mold remediation expert. This expert can assist with ensuring that all of the mold is removed. The methods used depend on how much mold there is as well as the type of mold.

Once the mold is removed, an expert roofer should be contacted so that problems associated with the excess moisture that accompanies mold growth can be mitigated. This is an extremely important step. If the problems are not fixed, the mold will return. Mold growth results when the moisture or humidity level in a confined space is high. Because mold is a living organism, it needs moisture to survive. Without moisture, the mold will die or will not grow at all.

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There may be several causes of high moisture levels.

One of the most common reasons for high moisture levels is a leak. Professional roofers will look for evidence of leaks during an inspection. If they find a leak, they can make the repairs necessary to stop the introduction of moisture into the attic. This may simply involve sealing the leak, or it may involve the application of new shingles to the rooftop. The severity of the leak will determine what fixes are needed.

Another major cause of excess moisture is an inadequate ventilation system. Most building codes require that the home have some amount of venting space depending on the size of the building. However, there are problems that can occur. Airflow may be blocked by insulation, the wrong vents may be installed or the attic may not be properly air sealed. If airflow is blocked, the insulation can be moved around or removed completely. If the wrong vents were installed, new vents can be added. If the attic is not air sealed, roofers can fix the problem by caulking the holes.

Ultimately, homeowners who discover mold in the attic should not stress. When the right professionals are involved, the mold can be removed and the problems that resulted in the mold growth can be fixed, resulting in a healthier environment for the home's occupants.

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