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Generally, most shingled roofs must be replaced after 20 or 30 years. Union County roofers completely replace shingles and underlayment as a strict rule. They don't reuse any of these materials on new installation projects. However, material removal may reveal damaged decking or plywood. In these cases, contractors must replace decking along with roofing materials for a stable surface that can last for decades.

Initially, contractors must verify if decking damage is isolated or widespread. An isolated leak may only damage a small rooftop section. As a result, the remaining decking could be perfectly stable for new roofing materials. Widespread damage, however, means homeowners must replace all plywood. Leaks occurring across the majority of the rooftop surfaces usually lead to entire deck replacement projects.

In most cases, contractors don't remove all roofing materials at once. Stripping a rooftop clear of all protective elements only leaves it vulnerable to potential damages. For example, a surprise rainstorm could move through the area and saturate exposed framework. Ideally, contractors only remove small rooftop sections at a time. If any rain does threaten the area, roofers can quickly tarp the surface and resume work when dry conditions return.

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Professionals remove all shingles, underlayment and decking within each designated rooftop section. Before laying out new plywood, however, roofers inspect structural framework. Rafters and other lumber must be moisture free with no obvious pest damage. On rare occasions, roofers will estimate wood framework if it's severely damaged too.

Experienced contractors carefully add plywood decking to the framework by aligning it with rafters. Fasteners must pierce both plywood and rafters for a secure fit. Contractors take considerable time during this installation process to ensure accurate fastener locations. Decking must last as long as quality roofing materials.

All new roofing materials will then be added to the decking. Traditionally, contractors lay roofing felt then shingles across the plywood. Today's homeowners may want an extra underlayment layer, such as an ice and water shield. Two underlayment layers create extra rooftop protection over many weathering years.

Contractors often add replacement plywood to roofing estimates based on square footage values. If roofers find 100 square feet of damaged decking, for example, they'll calculate the added cost based on the contract's approved pricing. Reputable contractors will discuss damaged decking with homeowners, so they understand the added cost. Ideally, homeowners shouldn't be surprised by any costs because experienced contractors constantly communicate any concerns on a daily basis.

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