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Maintenance is an essential component for the preservation and function of any roof. The advantages of timely and proper maintenance can translate to significant savings and protection for the home's occupants. Short term homeowners, as well as long term homeowners, can reap the numerous benefits through a reasonably inexpensive maintenance plan, which should include periodic inspections and appropriate repairs. In doing so, homeowners can extend the life of their house's roof significantly and save on the expenses of roof replacement.

Once a roof has been installed, renovated or repaired to its prime condition, homeowners should consult with their Union County roofers of choice about the type of maintenance most suited to their needs. One relatively inexpensive program includes the contractor training the maintenance team to look for specific to identify and fix the most common roofing problems associated with the particular roof. The problems can be fixed on a materials and time basis. This program is rather informal and is best suited to newer roofs, which require sporadic repairs. However, there are no checks to ensure proper roof maintenance this way.

A second option is to employ the services of a roof consultant, architect or engineer who can carry out detailed inspections at least twice a year. Through these inspections, the professionals can develop a list of issues that may need to be corrected, as well as a reasonable estimate of the potential costs.

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This can be a good way to anticipate and budget for repairs. Homeowners can then request quotes from different contractors who are best suited to attend to the list of problems. This plan is likely to be the best fit for the homeowner who wants to keep up with the manufacturer's requirements listed in the warranty agreement. Should any issues arise, retaining copies of inspection reports and maintenance work can be useful in order to make claim on the manufacturer's warranty.

A third program that can be instituted is through the roofing contractors themselves. Homeowners can agree on yearly maintenance programs with the contractors at the time of roof installation or renovation. These programs should typically include regular inspections and repairs at a fixed cost, which will generally increase on a fixed basis year to year as the roof ages. This also fulfills manufacturer requirements, provided all inspections and maintenance works are properly documented. This program allows homeowners to anticipate the fixed maintenance costs easily and to budget accordingly. The downside may be the fact that the homeowner must pay for services that may or may not be required.

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