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Each year, winter weather brings its own set of challenges to the conscientious homeowner, and getting caught unprepared can result in a minor inconvenience or major calamity, depending on the conditions. Since the roof of a home is its first line of protection from the elements, the wise homeowner adds roof inspections and winterizing chores to the checklist of winter preparation tasks. As with most roofing care, a little time spent preparing for winter weather can save the homeowner both money and major inconvenience in the future.

While some roofing needs require the attention of professional Union County roofers, most homeowners are well able to easily inspect their own roofs, identify possible threats to the roof's condition and address minor concerns before they become major issues.

Winterizing the roof of the home should always begin with a close inspection of the condition of the roofing materials. Examining shingles, flashing and gutters is so much easier before they are covered with snow and ice. Homeowners should inspect shingles for signs of damage or deterioration. Shingles that are bent or curling allow moisture to seep onto the decking materials, especially when ice dams form. Shingles missing granules could be near the end of their life and may need to be replaced. Flashing around vents, chimneys or heating and air units should be intact and flush against the roof.

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In addition to inspecting the roofing materials, homeowners should ensure that gutters are clean and in good repair. While clogged gutters or those in poor condition may not be the only reason ice dams form, they are often culprits since they trap melting ice and snow, allowing it to refreeze and force its way back onto the roof and under the shingles. While it may be an unsavory chore, making sure gutters are free of debris to allow proper drainage is one most homeowners are able to handle on their own.

Also, as part of the pre winter weather inspection, homeowners should check for tree limbs that are near the roof. Tree branches should never be allowed to reach such a position that they can scrape against roof shingles. Homeowners should ensure that branches are trimmed back enough so that even when they are blown by strong winds or laden with ice or snow they will not come into contact with the roof.

Taking a few hours to prepare the roof for winter will help prevent possible catastrophe and probable damage. A little attention goes a long way toward prolonging a roof's life and saving the homeowner money.

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