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When homeowners live in an area prone to snow and freezing temperatures, the threat of ice damming is always a concern. Ice dams are literal barriers at the junction of the roof's edge and gutter lengths. Water cannot drain off the roof, forcing it to back up under shingles. Roof decks can quickly saturate and rot as well. When Union County roofers are at a property for basic inspection, they can perform a few simple troubleshooting techniques that will allow them to address ice damming.

Roofers often check gutters first for any clogged areas. Debris left over from autumn, for instance, can freeze with the melting snow. Contractors will find solid barriers to moisture trying to flow off the roof. They'll remove any blockages to restore proper flow. This issue can easily be avoided by hiring contractors several times a year to clean the gutters well before winter arrives.

Reputable roofers also inspect the gutters' angles. Water cannot flow down an ice dam free gutter system without an angle toward the ground. Even ice dam formation can be encouraged by misaligned gutters, forcing the water back onto the roof instead of down to the ground.

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Roofers normally align gutters with each appointment, so ice damming and blockages don't occur at all.

The main reason for ice dam formation is poor roof ventilation. A warm roof allows snow to melt down to the eave. When the water encounters the cold eave, it forms into ice. Ventilation between the roof ridge and soffit must be clear at all times, allowing warm air to flow up the pitched surface. When the roof has a steady temperature across its whole structure, snow cannot melt unevenly.

Even with the best gutter and ventilation care, some structures are still vulnerable to water backing up onto the roof. When roofers see shingles are curling up during preventive maintenance appointments, these sections should be repaired as quickly as possible. If any water does rush up the gutters and onto the roof, the shingles will then provide protection. Curled shingles simply allow water to flow directly into the roof deck surface.

If ice damming is currently affecting a property, contractors must inspect both the interior and exterior of the home. Ceiling cavities, for instance, could show puddling from water coming under the shingles. Contractors can verify leak entry points and determine the best damage repair strategies after thorough inspections. Homeowners don't want rot or mold permeating their structure in hidden areas that can just worsen over time.

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