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A roof's gutter system is an extremely important component that is often overlooked by property owners. The gutters collect water that falls off the roof and directs it to the ground, away from essential roof structures and the foundation. Without the gutters, water can potentially cause damage to the building's walls and reduce its overall stability. Installing a good gutter system will prevent this from happening.

Aluminum gutters are often chosen due to their low cost. Aluminum is an incredibly easy metal to work with, meaning that homeowners often like to install their gutter system themselves. They are also relatively resistant to rain and are not likely to quickly wear and tear. As long as the homeowner provides regularly maintenance and has expert Union County roofers inspect the gutters every year or two, they should last for quite some time.

However, there are some major disadvantages to having aluminum gutters installed. One of the biggest drawbacks is the amount of maintenance aluminum gutters need to continue to work properly. When leaves and other organic materials become trapped in the gutter, the moisture that they potentially hold can cause the metal to begin to deteriorate very quickly.

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The gutters may need to be constantly sealed to prevent corrosion; if large holes appear, the gutters will have to be replaced.

While aluminum gutters are relatively durable, their life span is not as long as some other materials. They can become dented if there is hail or if a ladder is leaned up against them. They can split and crack along the seams, causing water to be dumped along the home's foundation line. Finally, they are lightweight, meaning they may not hold up as well in extreme weather.

One problem that many people are unaware of is that aluminum expands and contracts under severe temperature changes. Over time, this can cause the gutters to actually pull away from the home. If the gutters are not placed under the eaves, the water dripping off the roof may actually miss the gutters and cause the soffits and fascia to rot. The constant expanding and contracting can also result in splits and cracks along the gutters' seams.

If the homeowner is willing to provide the maintenance these gutters need, they should work very well in directing water away from the home. If the maintenance cannot be completed by homeowners themselves, they can always arrange for an expert roofer to come out regularly and maintain the gutter system in addition to inspecting the roof.

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