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Deciding to reroof a home is a big decision. Even the least expensive types of roofs can still be a major investment. There are several reasons that homeowners may consider to tear off their old roof; these considerations should not be taken lightly.

Often, roofs are replaced because they have reached the end of their lifespan. If the homeowner took good care of the roof and had repairs completed as needed, a new roof may not yet be required even if the estimated lifespan has been reached. This, however, means that all homeowners should have a good idea of what the signs are that a roof is at risk for failing. These signs include leaks, flashing damage, curling shingles and missing mineral granules. If homeowners do recognize these signs, they should consider having expert Union County roofers perform an inspection before determining if it is time to replace the roof.

Even if the roof has not reached the end of its lifespan, incidents may happen that warrant roof replacement. For example, hurricane winds or severe hail storms could cause damage to a roof regardless of how old it is. Even if the roof does not look damaged at all, if the structure or the sturdiness is called into question, it is better to replace the roof than to hope no damages occurred.

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Homeowners may also consider reroofing their home for aesthetic or energy efficiency reasons. If the homeowner is changing the appearance of the home, updating the roofing materials to enhance the home's curb appeal may be seen as a good investment. Similarly, if the roof is very old, it is likely that more modern roofing materials are less likely to waste energy, saving the homeowner more money in the long run.

Finally, an old roof may still be functional but may be difficult to maintain, especially if the homeowner is aging or not as agile. Certain types of roofs, such as metal roofs, do not require as much maintenance. Roofs that require less maintenance reduce the risk of injuries that a person could suffer should they fall from the ladder or roof.

At some point, most homeowners will likely have to deal with determining whether or not it is time to replace a roof. Because there is such a large commitment involved, homeowners who are in the process of making this decision should contact their local expert roofers for advice and more information about available roofing materials.

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