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When asphalt shingles are properly installed on a roof, the roof should last up to 20 years as long as the homeowner keeps us with regular maintenance and inspections. Expert Union County roofers can assist with these home maintenance tasks. However, if the roof is not properly installed, the shingles can quickly begin to show signs that problems are occurring. One indication that something is wrong is when ridges form in the shingles. This means that not only are the shingles not laying flat, but moisture has also somehow gotten between the shingles and the roofing felt.

The problem most likely stems from improper sealing. When moisture gets sucked up by the roofing felt, the felt expands. The only way that the felt can expand is to push the shingles up and out. When the felt dries, the shingles often do not flatten out again, so the ridges become permanent. If this becomes a cycle, not only will the shingles become damaged, the roof deck may actually begin to rot.

When this type of problem occurs, typically, the only solution is to reshingle the roof. In order to properly protect the roof, the shingles must be laying flat against the roofing felt.

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Small holes will need to be drilled into the joints so that spray foam can be added. This can keep moisture or vapor from getting into contact with the roofing felt.

In addition to insufficient vapor barriers and moisture infiltration, it is likely that there are additional problems that may not be readily visible to the homeowner. The home's ventilation system may not be adequate, for instance. If the home only has box vents or no vents at all, it may be recommended to install several vents in the soffits on both sides of the home. Additionally, a ridge vent can be installed along the ridge to let hot air out. This should help keep moisture levels and temperatures within the attic down, which can reduce the amount of potential damages.

When it is time to reshingle the roof, the old shingles should not be reused. This is because the ridged shingles have sustained damage and they may not protect the home. Prior to beginning the process, homeowners should discuss the problem with an expert roofer to ensure there are no other options and to see if there is a warranty on the shingles. If the manufacturer's warranty does cover the shingles, the replacements may not cost the homeowner. Even if the shingles are not under warranty, catching the problem early will prevent other damages.

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