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A leaky roof can be a disaster that damages the home, belongings and affects a homeowner's pocketbook. However, a savvy and quick thinking homeowner can take certain steps to minimize damage until the weather clears up and Union County roofers can make necessary, permanent repairs.

First, a homeowner must be able to identify the signs of a leak, even if it is a small one. Many times the leak is significant enough that it is unmistakable such as a constant drip or stream of water flowing from the ceiling. Other leaks are more subtle and may not manifest in dripping water. They are indicated by water stains on the ceiling, sagging or peeling paint, mold or wet spots, and damp odors.

To minimize property damage from a leaking roof, remove furniture and electronics from the area right away and place a tub or bucket under the leak to collect the water. For minor leaks, a person can tape a length of string nearby to encourage water to drip down the string rather than spread to surrounding areas.

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If the ceiling is sagging or there are other indications of a more pronounced leak, drilling a hole near the center will allow the collected water to drain and keep water from spreading to other parts of the ceiling, causing saturation and further damage. Once the ceiling becomes saturated, there is a high risk of ceiling collapse.

Once the area is secured to prevent further damage, the homeowner can begin looking for the source of the leak. A good place to start is in the attic if it is accessible. Once in the attic, the water path can be traced to its beginning. Water will often travel from its entry point down trusses and beams until it can't go any further or finds a weak area to make its appearance in the interior of the home. Finding the entry point from inside the home gives the homeowner an idea of where to look for the source of the leak from the roof.

A homeowner can access the roof from the outside, but it is important to wait until the weather is clear and the roof is not icy or wet before climbing onto it. Once there, the homeowner can look for damaged shingles or shakes, flashing or an old moisture barrier. In addition, it is important to check the gutters and downspouts as these commonly become clogged and cause leaks.

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