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Fall is the perfect time for homeowners to get their roof ready for the coming winter. However, remembering everything that needs to be done can be difficult without first making a checklist. A checklist enables homeowners to carry out their roof maintenance plan in an orderly fashion.

The best place to start is with the exterior of the house. This area includes the roof, gutters, siding or exterior walls and foundation. To make the job easier, homeowners can hire one of the professional Union County roofers in the area to inspect these items and make any necessary repairs. Inspections are free, and the professional roofing contractor will give homeowners a list of repairs that need to be done. Some contractors will also provide an estimate of the roof's projected lifetime. Homeowners are under no obligation, so they might want to get several estimates before deciding which roofing company will best suit their needs.

The second area that needs attention is the yard. Homeowners will need to heavily prune any trees and large shrubs that are close to the house. If tree branches are overhanging the roof, they could break off during a storm and damage the shingles or other important structures. Leaves and twigs will increase the amount of debris that builds up in the gutters on a windy day.

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Wet leaves that pile up in a roof valley become an excellent breeding ground for mold, and the moisture will accelerate aging of the shingles. Trimming the trees back in the fall will cut down on roof maintenance costs and help to deter mice and pests.

Another important area to consider is the attic. In climates that get a lot of snow, inadequate attic and roof ventilation systems play a key role in the formation of ice dams. If the insulation has settled or matted, it won't work properly because insulation must cut off all air flow. Faulty installation can also be problematic. Escape vents need to allow warm air to pass through the top of the roof, near the roof ridge, while soffit vents need to allow cool air to enter the attic. If there are not enough air vents, circulation won't be efficient enough to stop icicles and ice dams from forming.

Most professional roofing companies will check the attic ventilation system and make suggestions for improvement during routine roof inspections, but if not, homeowners can ask to have an attic evaluation included when setting up the inspection.

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