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The switch to solar energy is changing the way that America is selecting roofing. Homeowners planning on adding solar panels to their roofs will experience a reduction in their energy bills in the future as well as the satisfaction of knowing that they have reduced their environmental footprint. While the panels won't harm a roof in any way when they are installed correctly, some steps need to be performed before installation. Union County roofers can install panels, but DIY homeowners should know these tips for prepping a roof for solar panels.

Shade on the roof must be dealt with to maximize the power output of the system. Homeowners should know if their region gets a lot of sun throughout the entire year. However, solar panels generate more power when tall trees are selectively pruned or removed in order for the panels to get sun for longer periods of time each day.

An analysis should be done to determine proper placement of the solar array. A typical home requires between 200 and 400 square feet of roof for a solar project. The pitch of the roof affects how much sun the panels will receive throughout the day.

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In addition, solar panels placed on the south facing side of the roof get more packets of solar energy each day due to the path of the sun.

The roof must be strong enough to support the installation. A certified building professional is required to ensure that the section of roof holding the solar panels is strong enough. While the panels themselves are not that heavy, roofs with problems can eventually buckle under the additional weight. Necessary roof improvements should be completed prior to beginning installation.

Roof replacement or repairs should be completed before installation. Solar panels had a long life span. In fact, they can last for 20 to 25 years, which is why it is so important to put the installation on a roof that is in good condition. The roof should age along with the solar array. Contact a roofing company to have any damaged tiles replaced, or consider putting a new, long lasting roof on at the same time.

Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular. However, the installations won't stand up over time if they are placed on a roof that is not strong enough or in good condition. Remember that existing trees require pruning over the lifetime of the solar array. When the solar panels are correctly placed on a solid roof in good condition, a lifetime of low cost energy housed on secure roofing is ensured.

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