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Roofing over an existing structure of shingles is one way of reducing costs of roof replacement. Construction and building codes usually allow for three layers of asphalt shingles, based on the pitch and slope of the roof. However, Union County roofers and consultants recommend a complete overhaul of the existing structure, either to reduce the weighing burden of the roof on the house's structure or to identify the condition of the internal roof structure.

Reroofing a new layer over old shingles can save on the expenses incurred to tear off the dilapidated roof. The workmanship relating to cleanup is also reduced. Additionally, the felt layer will not require replacement and can be reused. However, the viability of reroofing depends on the existing layer of shingles. Ideally, there should not be more than two layers. Each layer of existing shingles should be in a relatively proper condition, which means the shingles should not be curled, bubbling or cracking. Instead, they should be flat. This is important because the new layer of roofing will mold to the shape of the underlying shingles. This may reduce the effectiveness of the new roof significantly over time. A second important consideration is with respect to the structure of the house. An inspection of the structure should be carried out to check whether the foundations can easily support the added weight of a new roofing layer.

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In some cases, cost effectiveness of reroofing can end up costing the homeowners much more in the long term due to negligence.

Conversely, reroofing is not a viable option if underlying shingles are in a poor condition or if the structure is not sound enough. Additionally, prior to adding a new layer of roofing, it is important to certify that no leaks exist in the roof. These will have to be repairs before a new layer is installed. Once the new layer is installed, it can be extremely difficult to check for leaks. At that point, homeowners can expect the life of the roof to decrease significantly. Secondly, prior to reroofing, homeowners should insist on checking for soft or spongy spots on the roof. These spots are usually indicative of rotting underlying structure, and may be more difficult to identify with a new layer in place. This can impact the safety of people living in the house. Only when a contractor is confident about the structure of the house, the roof and the existing shingles should homeowners go through with a reroofing project.

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