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It can be difficult to determine exactly when old shingles should be replaced, especially if gradual wear rather than sudden damage has led to the consideration. Shingles often wear out gradually, so a small leak is often the first sign of trouble. Union County Roofers may be able to help homeowners determine whether they can salvage old shingles with a simple repair job or whether complete roofing replacement is necessary.

One of the most common problems to arise with old shingles is that they often come loose over time, whether in patches or across the entire roof. This is often due to a loose nail or improper installation. Old shingles are often found on old homes that do not utilize the durable plywood sheathing found in most modern homes. It was not uncommon for roofers working with older materials to miss nailing a shingle entirely. Fortunately, this type of problem can easily be repaired without actually replacing the shingle. Some homeowners are able to do the job themselves by raising the improperly nailed shingle and hammering it into place. Other repair jobs may require the assistance of a contractor.

Aging also plays a role in determining whether old shingles can be salvaged. Many homeowners choose to have shingles replaced rather than repaired if they have aged significantly.

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Even if repair could resolve one problem, it may save time and money in the long run to simply replace the old set since they are likely to become damaged again or require immediate replacement in the near future. Cracks, rough edges and missing corners are a good indication that the weather damage is too severe for repair and replacement is imminent.

A leaking roof is by far one of the best ways to determine if shingles need to be replaced, but there are subtler signs as well. Shingles with missing corners or tabs have experienced severe distress, often due to weather, and it is only a matter of time before they begin to leak. If shingles are no longer sitting flush against one another, they may also be in need of replacement.

In general, it is a good idea to replace shingles where the damage is limited to a small section. If the damage is extensive and covers the entire roof, replacing is likely the better option both practically and economically. Homeowners should also consider the benefit of not having to call out a roofing professional for multiple repairs as opposed to a single replacement installation.

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