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Slate is one of the most expensive roofing materials available in the market today. Despite its cost, many homeowners can benefit from its durability and its natural, elegant aesthetic. Slate comes in a broad range of natural colors that include grey, red, purple, blue, black and green. Slate tiles can be installed on highly sloped roofs, but are generally not recommended for houses with flat roofs. Depending on the grade of the material selected, slate roofing materials can last for several decades.

Installing a slate roof requires the expertise of a professional roofing contractor who specializes in this rare material. Homeowners should, therefore, choose reputable Union County roofers who offer reliable and affordable roofing services locally.

Slate roof installation starts with roof evaluation and preparation. Compared with other roofing materials, slate is heavier, so the building should be outfitted with support structures prior to the addition of the roofing materials' extra weight. When working with lightweight materials such as asphalt shingles, many roofing contractors prefer to carry these components to the roof and work from there. However, this cannot be done with slate tiles because of their weight. A roof shingle is likely to collapse or sag if a slate is placed on one side of the roof. It is therefore recommended that homeowners choose roofing contractors who have a reliable plan on how to transport, store or handle heavy roofing materials during installation.

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Some of the options used by many roofers include roof scaffolds and roof ladders.

Another aspect of slate roof layout is the installation of proper roof underlayments. Many roofers use heavy felts as underlayments to make a slate roof leak free and to keep it dry. A professional roofer should also consider the installation of high quality metal flashing and roof sheathing. Additionally, to ensure that a slate roof is waterproof, roofers use special sealants and roofing cement.

When it comes to the actual process of slate roof installation, the tiles are cut to the same size and thickness before installation. The uniformity of the slate roof tiles will result in a stronger roofing layer and also make a roof look attractive.

To accomplish any roof installation project, roofers use special tools designed for specific roof types. For instance, when slate tiles are installed, roofers use special tools designed to avoid tile damage and shattering during installation. One of the common tools that any roofer must have when installing slate roof is the slate hammer. This kind of hammer has a heavier head specifically designed for nailing heavy materials.

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