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Even minor roof leaks must be identified and fixed quickly to prevent severe structural roof damage. Over time, unaddressed minor leaks can lead to mold, rotted roof framing and damaged ceilings. Prevent undue expense by contacting Union County roofers to fix minor roof leaks before they create large dollar fixes.

First, it's important to view the roof to locate potential leaking areas. Check areas such as plumbing and roof vents, chimneys and any item that has been installed on the roof. Homeowners will need to inspect the initial spot and several feet surrounding the roof protrusion.

If the homeowner has access, the best way to check to leaks is to look for black marks or mold in the attic area. If unable to search the underside of the roof, the homeowner will have to check physically on the roof itself.

If the homeowner is still unsure about the leak source, he or she can use a water hose and an assistant to target the leaking spot. The homeowner will want to have an assistant stay inside to view a potential leaking area while the homeowner runs a water hose across the roof.

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Once the source is identified, the homeowner can discern if it's a simple fix or something that should be addressed by a professional roofing company.

Plumbing vents are a common location for leaks. These vents are made of plastic or metal and are surrounded by a rubber boot. Leaks commonly occur because of missing or loose nails, and nearby shingles may need to be removed to replace the missing or broken pieces of the vent. If the homeowner does not have replacement shingles, current ones may be reused. Special care must be used when removing nails using a flat bar to break the sealant without further damaging the shingles.

Roof vents are another common source of leaks. Plastic roof vents can have cracks, and metal vents can have broken seams. These jobs are not meant to be a quick fix because the homeowner may need to remove shingles to get to the roof vent, which will need to be completely replaced. Replace any removed nails with rubber washer screws. If caulk is placed on both sides of the roof vent, this will add a water barrier and hold the shingles down.

Minor roof leaks are easily fixed, but if they're allowed to remain without proper attention, they can cause major structural damage. Save money over the long term by addressing minor issues before they becomes costly, major issues.

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