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One of the most durable and visually appealing types of roofing systems is a standing seam roof, which consists of vertically interlocking metal panels. The panels are joined together with seams that are raised above the rest of the roofing materials, which is where the material derives its name. Roofing contractors typically install the panels at the topmost point of the roof, the ridge and the panels run downwards towards the eaves.

Union County roofers understand that one of the most common sources of premature aging for the roof involves damage from the elements. Asphalt shingles do not fare well during tornadoes or hurricanes, and clay roofing tiles are not an ideal choice for homes that are located in colder climates because the shingles could be susceptible to breaking.

However, standing seam metal roofs tend to fare well under a wide range variety of different inclement weather patterns, which makes them an ideal choice for any climate. The material offers excellent wind and fire classification ratings. For this reason, many insurance companies offer reduced rates to homeowners who have a standing seam metal roof installed.

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It does not tend to experience fading due to prolonged sun exposure, and it does not become brittle during extremely cold weather.

While the material does cost more than a traditional material such as fiberglass shingles, it could be a one time investment for the homeowner, and the likelihood of the homeowner having to pay for repairs over the years will most likely be reduced as well. As long as the existing roof is in adequate condition, whenever contractors install a metal roof, they can typically install it on top of the existing materials. This causes the roof to become even more resilient, and it enhances the home's insulation. Many homeowners appreciate that the maintenance tasks that a standing seam roof requires are minimal.

One of the most practical perks associated with having a standing seam roof installed is that it can be made on site, which allows the contractors to be able to custom fit the materials. The process could take as little as a few days, but a properly installed metal roof could last for a lifetime. Homeowners can also opt for purchasing premade panels, which are readily available in several different shapes and sizes. The roofing contractors can achieve a striking aesthetic by staggering the panels, or they can create a more traditional, cleaner appearance by simply laying them side by side.

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