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Slate roofs are made from fine grained shale rock which is fashioned and shaped into roofing tiles. Slate roofs are popular among homeowners because of their longevity and durability. The style component is another reason why slate roofs are quite popular. However, slate roofs are expensive and extremely heavy. The house will usually require structural reinforcement by Union County roofers. Synthetic slate is a material that is now being commonly used as a viable substitute to slate roofs. Synthetic slate roofs are relatively inexpensive and lightweight, while still providing the look and durability of slate roofs.

Synthetic slate is understood to be a first rate roofing material in comparison to asphalt or cedar shingles. Synthetic slate roofing can last up to 50 years easily more if maintained properly over time. Little maintenance is required, in fact, which also makes synthetic slate roofing appealing. Slate roofs provide great protection against snow cycles, heavy precipitation and strong winds. Certain types of synthetic slate tiles are strong UV ray inhibitors and fire resistant. From a safety and durability perspective, synthetic slate roofs are practical and robust. In fact, synthetic slate may be more durable than slate in certain cases. Slate tiles are susceptible to cracking and breaking if not installed properly. They also limit the mobility on the roof during inspections or maintenance work.

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Additionally, slate roofs are prone to splitting in colder temperatures, meaning they have to be installed during the summer season. Synthetic roofing circumvents such problems given its properties. However, exposure to sun may cause the synthetic slate tiles to expand and wear out quickly. Adding protective coating may be a remedy to that problem.

Synthetic slate tiles come in a number of different colors and styles, and so the aesthetic factor of slate roofs is not lost. They are usually made from either plastic or rubber, or a combination of the two. These can be recycled materials, too, if the homeowner is cautious about the ecological footprint of the roof. The base materials are first heated and then infused into metal molds. Synthetic slate roofs are most suited to sloping roofs. The roofs first must be furnished with an underlying foundation and flashing to prevent future leakages. While still easier to install than slate tiles, synthetic slate is rigid and provides less flexibility than individual plastic or rubber roofs. There are a number of different types of synthetic slate tiles and they should be considered in the context of the homeowner's specific roofing needs.

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