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Union County Roofers: Article About Temporary Roof Protection Following A Storm

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When a storm ravages an area and causes damage to a number of homes, it can be difficult to get expert roofers out to provide immediate assistance. While Union County roofers will come out to replace the roof as soon as they are able, it can take several days or even weeks depending on how many homes sustained damage and how severe the damage was. As such, all homeowners should have some idea of how to temporarily fix the roof so that no further damages occur.

If the shingles sustain damage and the roof starts to leak or if entire sections of the roof go missing, the most important thing is to cover the damaged section. This can be done with a plastic tarp. The tarp should be rolled out along the damaged portion. The remainder of the tarp should be placed over the roof ridge where it can be attached onto an undamaged section of the roof's surface. The sides of the tarp can be held down using fasteners screwed into the sheathing. Homeowners should avoid going up onto the roof until there is a break in the storm.

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Using a tarp to protect against further damage works well for roofs that have a pitch, or slope. Flat roofs, on the other hand, require different emergency roof repairs. A sealant that is designed to stop leaks can be used for punctures and tears. Some sealing compounds can work when wet, meaning the temporary repairs can be completed quickly to mitigate further damage that could result in water penetration. While flat roofs are much safer to work on during a storm, homeowners should avoid going up onto the roof until the storm has ended or if there is an electrical storm.

Homeowners should note that it is dangerous to walk around on the roof at any time. When the roof is damaged, the risks of injury or further damage to the roof only increase. In some cases, an expert roofer may come out during a heavy storm and make emergency repairs. They may then return at a later date to install a new roof deck and shingles. In most cases, the roof warranty should cover the cost of a new roof unless the roof was already in a state of disrepair.

If the roof was damaged during the storm, contacting a roofer as soon as possible is of the utmost importance. The faster an expert roofer is called, the faster the roof can be fixed.

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