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Union County Roofers: Article About The Benefits Associated With Reflective Roofs

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As homeowners have become increasingly aware of environmental issues, Union County roofers have seen a rise in demand for reflective roofs. Some homeowners are interested in this type of roofing system because they want to enhance the energy efficiency of their home. Others are resorting to the product because they are concerned about the urban heat island effect. Regardless of the reason, there are several different benefits associated with choosing a reflective roof, and there are several different ways to install one as well.

A reflective roof is classified as a cool roof, and it drastically reduces the temperatures on the surface of the roof, which results in a more pleasant atmosphere inside the home year round. It is estimated that a reflective roof can even allow a homeowner to save 20 percent or more on their annual energy bills. Because of the lowered roof temperatures, reflective roofs are not as susceptible to developing damage from prolonged ultraviolet radiation exposure, which is one of the biggest reasons that many roofs prematurely fail. A reflective roof tends to last much longer than traditional roofs such as asphalt shingles, which absorb ultraviolet radiation.

Many flat roofs feature reflective properties, making its surface more accessible. The temperature of a roof that is not reflective can easily reach 100 degrees or more, but a reflective roof can allow a homeowner to be able to use their roof as an additional outdoor space, such as a rooftop deck.

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The majority of commercial flat roofs also feature reflective coatings for this reason.

Certain roofing materials such as metal have natural reflective properties. Metal roofs act like as a reflective surface that directs radiant energy that is produced from the sun back into the atmosphere. Since light colors tend to reflect ultraviolet radiation, technically speaking, it is possible to convert a roof into a reflective one by simply painting it white. However, this is not an advisable practice because if the paint is not specifically engineered for the roof, it could actually cause damage to the materials.

There are certain reflective roof coatings that contractors can apply to the surface of the roof in order to make it a reflective one. In many cases, it will be necessary to reapply the coating every five years. There are plenty of products that home improvement stores sell that promise to convert the roof into a reflective one. However, some of these coatings can break down over a period of time, which can compromise the roofing materials.

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