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Keeping gutters clean is an important task for every homeowner. Gutters keep the home safe by strategically directing water away to avoid damage. Failing to keep gutters clean and clog free can lead to a host of potential issues, including structural damage to the foundation of the home and roof problems. Homeowners can easily prevent having to call Union County roofers for avoidable repairs by performing regular maintenance and cleanings.

Gutters can easily clog with debris over time. Leaves and branches can flow through the gutter system, only to get stuck in the downspout. Without adequate drainage, a gutter system will fill and overflow. This will damage any landscaping around the home while allowing water to collect near the home's foundation. Pooled water can cause cracks in the foundation. Not only does this lead to leaks in the home's basement, but it compromises the entire home's structural integrity.

Another cause for concern too much weight. Gutters aren't designed to be filled to the brim with water. The added weight will make the ferrule useless. Gutters will bend and lose their form under the weight of water. Eventually, the gutters will pull loose from the eaves of the home. This creates vulnerable spots within the eave and fascia boards.

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Water can get behind the fascia and trim, leading to substantial rot and deterioration.

In the winter months, clogged gutters can lead to ice damming. Ice dams manifest when ice forms on the slopes of the roof. This process is accelerated when gutters are clogged. Collected water in the gutters will freeze, allowing ice to form along the eaves and up the roof. This ice will get underneath the shingles and in between underlying roof components. Issues will come when the home is heated. The heat from the attic will slowly melt this ice, causing it to penetrate the roofing system and leak into the home. This can cause significant structural damage that is costly to repair.

Homeowners should keep their gutters free of debris to ensure that they don't experience these issues. Gutters can be cleaned manually or with a number of devices that make the job easier. They should be cleaned every few months. If trees are in close proximity to the home, more frequent cleanings may be required. To reduce the amount of maintenance required, professionals can install guards on the gutters that keep debris out while allowing water to flow through smoothly.

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