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On the right home, flat roofs can improve a home's appearance. However, it can be very difficult to determine what type of flat roof would work best for a particular home and suit the needs of the homeowner. Experienced Union County roofers can always help homeowners determine which type of roof may be the best option.

Built up roofs are made from alternating layers of waterproof tar and gravel. Although built up roofs used to be made of tar paper, newer materials often include fiberglass, which increases the durability. This type of roof has several advantages. These roofs are the most affordable when it comes to flat roofs. They are also resistant to fire. However, these roofs can be extremely heavy, and there is the potential that the roof may be put under significant stress during heavy snowfall or rainstorms.

Modified bitumen, also known as single ply roofing, is a rolled material made from asphalt that has been impregnated with mineral gravel. These roofs can come in two types: torch down and peel and stick. Torch down systems involve the use of heat to activate the adhesive, which ultimately makes the material stick to the roof deck.

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Due to fire hazards, this type of roof should be installed by a professional. Peel and stick systems can potentially be installed by a homeowner, but they are not as resistant to scuffs and tears.

Finally, rubber membrane roofs, also known as ethylene proylene diene monomer, or EPDM, is made from a durable rubber material. Unlike the other two types of flat roofing systems, light colored EPDM roofs are specifically designed to reflect sunlight. This roof can be installed with fasteners or glue. They can also be ballasted with stone. This material is resistant to scuffs and tears. Any holes that do form can be patched with a sealant. EPDM roofs are the most expensive option available for flat roofs. Dark colored roofs absorb quite a bit of heat while the light colored roofs absorb less but can cost more depending on the manufacturer.

Choosing the right type of flat roof an important undertaking, as some flat roofing systems are more difficult to maintain than others. With the right roofing materials, flat roofs can benefit the homeowner in a number of ways, as they are safer to access, easier to maintain, and they are significantly more stable than other types of pitched roofs. An expert roofer can assist with providing knowledge about the different types of roofing systems available.

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