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Vegetative green roofs, which are also commonly called living roofs, are a technology that has been in existence for centuries. In modern applications, they have become a growing trend as homeowners have become more interested in utilizing environmentally responsible products. Green roofs can be described as a rooftop that is made of live, growing plants. These can be installed on both residential and commercial roofs, and, since they help to combat the greenhouse gas effect, they have begun to spring up all over major cities. Homeowners who install a vegetative green roof might also qualify for specific tax incentives.

Green roofs feature living plants on the roof's surface which are sustained by a built in irrigation system. Roofing contractors must first install a heavy grade waterproof membrane in order to prevent leaks from developing. The roof is not ideal for every homeowner, because it tends to weigh much more than a traditional roofing system since it is comprised of several layers of soil. It might be necessary for Union County roofers to reinforce the existing structure of the roof prior to installing one.

Green roofs help to reduce air pollution because plants and tress absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the atmosphere. They also provide enhanced insulation for a home or building, which can help to reduce energy consumption.

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Since it provides a more pleasant atmosphere on the inside of a structure, it can help to lower annual energy bills.

There are two main types of green roofs. The first type features a layer of soil that is deep enough to be able to accommodate larger trees or plants. This type is most commonly installed on commercial buildings. The second type features a thinner layer of soil, which is ideal for supporting smaller plants such as grasses and flowers. This type is more frequently installed on residential homes, and many homeowners opt to plant edible plants such as cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. This is also the most inexpensive type, and it is easier to install and maintain. It is possible to customize the layout of both types of green roofs, similar to the process of changing the design of a yard's landscaping layout.

While it is necessary to nourish the plants with the built in irrigation system for a period of time, once the plants have become rooted and have adapted to their new environment, they can be sustained by rainwater. This is an added incentive. Green roofs capture excess water runoff, which helps to combat pollution.

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