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After several decades, roofs are prone to suffer from wear and tear due to a number of years spent protecting the home. The materials may begin to come loose off the structure or there may be a termite infestation that recently took place. For homeowners who are questioning if it's time to have the structure replaced by Union County roofers, there are a few signs to look for before starting the project.

Sagging on the roof can occur when too much pressure has been applied to the home or when the materials are beginning to deteriorate. This is visible from the outside of the property and can detract from the home's appearance. Although an area that is sagging can be replaced, experts recommend replacing the whole structure to prevent further damage from occurring. If sagging is present, the roof can easily collapse or cave in when extra pressure is applied.

Frequent leaks can be another problem that is experienced by homeowners. There may be dripping in the ceiling of the laundry room or near a chimney where a protective metal lining is installed.

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Leaks that are present on multiple areas on the home and continue to develop mean that the roof is no longer providing proper protection. Although the metal lining and roofing materials can be replaced, this will only minimize the problem temporarily. The lining on chimneys or skylights may also be worn and rusty due to too much exposure to moisture. There may even be gaps that are present, which will allow water into the home when it snows or rains.

The tiles or shingles that are installed may also be falling off, especially when high winds or a storm occurs. Homeowners will likely find roofing materials in their yard once the harsh weather passes. If the tiles or shingles fall off consistently, it's important to have the roof replaced in the coming months or year.

It's also important to speak with a professional roofer when determining the best time to replace a roof. Although the roof may not have a lot of repairs that are needed, there is always an expected time frame on how long certain materials will last. Asphalt shingles should begin needing replacement after 15 to 20 years, while clay tile roofs can last an average of 50 years. Metal or rubber roofs will also last approximately 50 years, while wood roofs are known to only last up to 25 years in a moderate climate.

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